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We, a group of 4 families visited Glacier mountain national park and Yellowstone national park in June, 2017. I have posted the details in my travel blog.


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We visited West Virginia, Washington D.C., Delaware and Pittsburgh, PA in summer 2012 with my parents. I have posted about the trip here.

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Trip to St.Louise

We visited St. Louise, MO in Labor day, 2011. This is the link to post in my travel blog.

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Trip to Niagara

We have visited Niagara two times. With my in-laws first time and and with my parents next time. I have posted about the first trip in my travel blog.

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We planned a 3 day visit to Seattle, WA (to brother-in-law’s place) in March 2011. Well, I have posted about the Seattle visit in my travel blog and here I am going to write about the fun I had with American Airlines while traveling there.

I had to fly there alone as my husband (Saliya) traveled there a day before for a conference. I was to leave from Indianapolis, IN airport on Friday evening and arrive in Seattle on the same night. Well, it was one hell of a trip. My route was Indy to Chicago and Chicago to Seattle. First I got to know that my flight to Chicago is going to be delayed by one hour when I arrived at Indy airport. It was a 1 hour transit in Chicago. So I was kinda worried and asked the American Airlines officer at the gate, what will happen next? She told me that I would still be able to catch the next flight as it departs from the same terminal and same concourse and the flight from Indy to Chicago will take only 45 min (not 1 hr). So I thought ok, I’ve got 15 minutes for the transit then. Fair enough.

However the flight got delayed another 15 min to take off. The passengers were worried and stewardess told us not to worry because the flight will take only 35 minutes. Ok again, fair enough!! Finally…the flight was on a runway of Chicago airport after 35 minutes. Ok cool it worked, I wanted to quickly get out of the plane and run to the next gate from which Seattle flight departs, but wait…..our flight stopped in the middle of nowhere. We didn’t get a gate for clearance :shock:. The stewardess announced that we have to wait like 20 minutes till we get a gate to get off. The passengers got pissed off at this time and some told that they will never fly with American Airlines(AA) again. Everyone was worried about the flights they have to catch and finally stewardess checked with the airport and announced……

Flight to Korea is gone……

Flight to Seattle is gone……and the list went on.

Finally…everyone’s hopes had gone:). If I am correct we had to wait about 45 minutes till we get a gate. Seriously, why can’t they provide a ladder or something to get off if we like and show us some way out? :razz:. However finally we got a gate and got out tired and disappointed. It was around 10 p.m. then. Oh!! the Chicago airport was not the same as what I’ve seen in day time. It was so deserted and I got to know that there is no other flight till next morning. Actually it was a situation to panic for a novice girl like me…but, don’t know why I didn’t. I was more thinking of how to write a blog, pointing at American Airlines :). Certainly, it was their fault.

So I followed the other passengers to an AA counter. They decided to give us coupons for dinner, breakfast and for a hotel room to spend the night. Saliya insisted me(via phone) not to go to the hotel by a taxi because we can’t trust taxi drivers in Chicago. Spending the night in that deserted airport was not practical either. So I was waiting in the line to get the coupons and to ask about transportation options too. My husband, parents, brother-in-law and friends were always in contact with me via phone. So I didn’t feel alone, the only thing was we were apart from hundreds of miles :D. Our friends in Bloomington wanted to drive there too. It was so good of them but seriously? now they are the ones who should pay for what American Airlines did :roll:? No way!!  So anyway we decided to wait and see what the officer says.

Ok, I asked her whether I can get a hotel nearby so that I can walk. She checked and yes, there was this Hilton hotel next to the airport (It was the only good happened for the day). So I walked there carrying my heavy laptop and the hand luggage. It was a long way but good thing was that I could reach the hotel from inside of the airport. Finally I arrived in my room and informed everyone that I am safe though I was half dead by that time :mrgreen:. Hmm…what a day!!

Anyway..the next day was good. Everything went right. I could catch the flight to Seattle in the morning and arrived there on time.

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Trip to Florida

We spent this Christmas vacation(2010) in Florida. It was a six days vacation and the first and last days were totally reserved for driving (Had to drive from Bloomington, IN to Orlando, FL. It is a 17 hrs drive). It was a really nice vacation and we visited Disney World, NASA and Sea World. Detailed posts are in my travel blog and the above links will direct to those posts. However Florida became colder than we expected in last two days of our stay.

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Trip to Chicago

This trip was organized in a rush, in last spring (2010).  Covered Shedd aquarium, Willis tower, Fields museum and Adler planetarium. Anyway this trip was kind of ruined by the mist.

Here is the link for Trip to Chicago in my travel blog.

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