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The day we have been waiting for…….After about 30 years, we have come to an end of  stupid terrorism of  Tamil tigers. The death of  tiger leader Velupille Prabhakaran, is not yet officially announced but seems everyone got the news anyhow.

A rebellion who’s responsible for thousands of innocent civilian’s deaths,  must have a destiny like this. Hope there will be no more Tamil Eelam dreams in anyone’s mind hereafter. There’s no doubt…..we got president Mahinda Rajapaksha for the sake of our nation. Wonder why any other leader couldn’t do the right  for our motherland.

Sri Lanka Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka and Brigadier Shavendra Silva (In my personal favor, as the most performed commander) should be honored by every citizen in SL.

A united SL, never got a chance to feel it in my lifetime. So what can I say…..shouldn’t this be the most valuable day of my life?

There is no home like one you got…..coz that home belongs to you…..


P.S. 19.05.2009

President Mahinda Rajapakshe addressed the nation today. A new era begins. Feel so lucky to witness this historical day. This is how Nugegoda people celebrated the victory.

nugegoda - victory

nugegoda - victory



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