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Trip to Texas

Sali had a conference in Austin,Texas in Fall 2015 and we all decided to go as we hadn’t visited Texas. Details here.


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Trip to Arizona

We visited Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada in winter, 2015. It was our son’s first air trip. Visited my friend Sandaruwini in Arizona too. The details are here.

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Trip to Mt.Rushmore

We visited badlands and Mt.Rushmore, SD in summer 2014 with my Sali’s parents. I have written about the trip here.

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Trip to Gulf Shores

We visited Gulf Shores, Alabama during Thanksgiving, 2013. My parents were with us and it was our 2 month old son’s first long trip.

We couldn’t do everything as planned because it got suddenly dark after 5pm. Also, my grand mother passed away while we were on the road. It was a total shock to us, specially to my mom as she was in US and couldn’t go to the funeral 😦


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Trip to Colorado

We visited Colorado in early summer, 2013. Colorado is the state I love the most. It is that pretty, specially the rocky mountains. I have posted about the trip here.

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Who is a Husband


Well, this  is my casual blog…so I guess I am allowed to write whatever comes into my mind here.

A husband is a human who is married (to his wife obviously)….hmm that doesn’t sound it. Ok, Let me try again…

A husband is the main character of a family…wait, that old formal stuff? doesn’t seem interesting, does it?

OK, this time I am giving another try keeping in mind that “A set of words being poured from your heart assembles a lively writing”

Well, a husband is the most beautiful character in your life…

Husband is the only person from you can ask the stupidest question in the world and yet get a reasonable answer with a fatherly look in his face…

Husband is the only person you can share any dirty joke with and still have a good laugh together…

Husband is the only person to whom you can disclose your mistakes without being afraid of sarcasm…

Husband is the only person you can get his honest advice from on your mistake…

Husband is the only person you can count on when you are down and really really really need help…

Husband is the only person you can share any (I mean ANY) secret with…

Husband is the only person you can expect a gentle kiss from, even when you are sick…

Husband is the only person you can call hundred times and get a response with patience for the 101th time too…

Husband is the only person who can scold you and cuddle you in consecutive minutes…

and finally

Husband is the only person to whom you can show the stupid posts like this and watch for a smile of affection…


P.S. Wrote by 3 years of experience. I’ll update you with whatever comes later :p

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I used to read Nelum Vila since I was 15 or so. It used to be the first article I search for, once I get Sunday “Silumina” on my hand.

Nelum Vila is made of small stories sent by our own people describing  their life experiences.  Some of these are written to pay tribute to someone. Sometimes we get unexpected help from strangers and we don’t even get a chance to thank them. The people seek the help of Nelum Vila to thank them. I have seen such incidents and sometimes the helper also responds after seeing the note in Nelum Vila. I can imagine how someone feels when he see a true praising for him/her.

Sometimes people write the things they couldn’t express to anyone and were used to be in their deep mind. I am sure they get a real relief because of Nelum Vila. People sometimes write really sensitive life experiences of them. All of them are true and heart touching. Honestly I’ve got my eyes wet while reading some of these articles. Sometimes I realize how beautiful is the world we live. It is full of love and true humanity. We just don’t have time to see it or that beautiful side of the world is hidden because of few contaminated minds, politics and all the buzz words. We all have that humanity hidden somewhere in us and this Nelum Vila is a clear reflector of that humanity which is the most essential part of “Human definition” .

Nelum Vila is a real lotus pond which lets the flowers come out of the mud. Thanks to online archives of Silumina, I can read all Nelum Vila archives now. So just make it a habit, read it and feel it. You’ll realize how many beautiful minds live around us. Most importantly you’ll realize how much humanity left in your mind yet.

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