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Sinhala new year is the favorite festival of most Sri Lankans and I am one of them. According to the traditional calendar, April(Bak in Sinhala) is the first month of the year. The auspicious time is defined when the Sun moves from house of Pisces (Meena raashiya) to house of Aries (Mesha raashiya). Spring begins….Paddies make harvest…..Koha starts singing….buds become flowers…..Simply, the nature’s heart is blooming.

So this is the first time we (Saliya and me) are missing it. We both celebrated the last new year with our own families.  We used to play Panchi in many newyear times. It was a one hell of a fun time. Everyone (male, female, old, young no matter what) was participating. No words to say how much I miss it. I miss my beloved Aththamma who always volunteers to resolve disputes in a way that makes everyone (in her team) happy :)).  I miss our Loku nenda and Maama, who quarrel like kids as they were always separated into two teams :). I miss my mother, father who join us mainly to catch cheaters, so my father never gets caught ;). I miss my brothers, cousin brothers and sisters who make the game a funny mess. They must be having the fun without me this time. Hmm no……they can’t do the same without their pebble moving genius 😀

Think my brothers are enjoying the sweets and fire crackers alone this time (the cracker thief is missing). Cleaning the oil lamp, grating coconut for kiribath and organizing the Aurudu table are the tasks which should be accomplished by someone else this time. Anyone is welcome to light up the vacant slot of the oil lamp too. I imagine my father, announcing the time second by second to amma, who is preparing for the auspicious time near the fire place. It is the time all five of us get together to observe the milk pot till it overflows. Finally, I really miss our funny little Aurudu trip with cousins.

After all this is the first new year we (me and my husband) spend together. Isn’t that great? We will celebrate it at our best though we are not in our home country. We wish a happy and prosperous Sinhala new year to every Sri Lankan.


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The name Premasiri khemadasa meant “music”, the tireless stream of music.

Dr. Premasiri Khemadasa is a great Sinhala musician in Sri Lanka, who directed the nation to a new different era of Music. The music of Sinhala cinema is always bound to his name, starting from “Roddie Kella” to “Agnidahaya” including many Sinhala films such as “Bambaru ewith”, “Hansawila”, “Golu hadawatha” and “Nidhanaya”. In my personnel favour, the most reflective films of his talents in music direction are “Hansawila” and “Bambaru ewith”. Some of the teledramas composed by him are “Dandubasnamanaya” by Jayantha Chandrasiri, and “Asala Kaluwara”.

Dr. Khemadasa contributed the music world not only by film composing. He introduced simphoneys (i.e Muhuda), operas (being the only Sinhala opera composer) and cantatas (the one and only buddihst cantata – Pirinivan mangalya) to the country carrying a light to the hundreds of followers. He musicized many songs like “Landune” and “Minisa” sung by Amarasiri Peiris, “Wikasitha pem” by Pandith Amaradeva.

The void made to the stream of music by his passing away……who can fill? but remainings remain…..forever !!!

Aadaraye Oba Obamai
Maa Oba Nova
Oba Maa Nova…..
Handunagaththoth Oba Ma…..

“A legend never dies”

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