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Koththu Recipe for Sri Lankans Living Abroad

This post is for “Koththu” loving Sri Lankans who live abroad. I am sure you are missing this delicious food unless you can find Sri Lankan restaurants in your area. Well, I am one of them. I was dying for a real Koththu till I find this easy way to make Koththu at home. Before that I tried few methods but didn’t succeed much. One way was making “Godamba roti” by hand and then making Koththu from it.  But making Godamba roti is very time consuming and is not that easy. At least it is not practical for busy people.

So we found a good substitution for Godamba roti. It is “Paratha”. If you live in US then you can easily find these in “Patel Brothers” or any Indian store in your area. I am not aware of the stores in other countries but I think it would be possible to find some kind of Paratha. This is the brand I use.












So, here goes the recipe.

—————What you need———————-

*  Parathas (4 or 5 for two person)

* 2 eggs

* Chopped onion

* Curry leaves

* Chopped carrot and leeks

* Ginger garlic paste

* Chili pieces

* Mustard seeds

* Salt

* Soy sauce

* Oil to fry

Well, this is an egg koththu recipe. If you like to add some chicken or fish that would add more taste.


1. First fry the parathas (normally it has the instructions on the cover). Cut the fried parathas into small pieces. The smaller the pieces are your koththu will be more tasty.

2. Then heat up a pan and put about 2-3 table spoons of oil.  Give time to heat up and put some mustard seeds.

3. Put ginger garlic paste and 2 table spoons of chili pieces (amount is up to you). Wait till chili pieces get little bit dark.

4. Put  chopped onion and curry leaves. Put some salt to absorb. Fry a little bit.

5. Put the chopped carrot and leeks. Add salt to absorb. Keep it few minutes on heat, stirring.

6. Put 2 eggs and stir.

7. Before the mixture gets dry put paratha pieces and stir well.

8. Put some soy sauce.

9. Taste it and adjust salt taste as you want (you can add chili powder and pepper too but I don’t like adding them)

10. Let it be on high heat for few minutes.

11. Serve hot.



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