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According to the tradition of Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, UOM we organized a treat for the staff after graduating. I’d prefer to call it as our Goingdown since it was the last time we(our batch) got together officially. So it was much like a goingdown. Almost everyone from our batch, couple of juniors and CSE staff were there to share the moment and it was a great pleasure to see all our mates after couple of months.

They were not changed a bit 🙂


One of the videos we played there, showing the footprints, goes here. Cheers 04, The batch of love and unity.


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University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka has become the top participant in World’s leading Google’s event “Google Summer of Code – 2008”.

There were 93 applicants from University of Moratuwa and the number of awards is 24. There’s a lead of 14 with the second leading university (Wroclaw University, Poland). The statistics can be found here.

Proud to say that 18 of award winners are from Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Altogether there are 20 award winners from Faculty of Engineering including a student from electronics department and a first year student.

Proud to be a graduate from University of Moratuwa. Specially from the Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering 🙂 This is only the begining. Many good years are yet to come. Cheers MORA !!!

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We had to depart after a wonderful 4 years in university. No wonder we have handful of memories to keep forever. I think the number of trips (only department trips) is about 7 within 3 years. It’s very hard to compress such a storage but gave a little try 😉

Part1 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf-VFCV4v9E

Part2 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hb5XXxIz5K4

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Hit the ground is an annual cricket tournament organized by the CSE department of University of Moratuwa. Cricket matches are scheduled among the students and software companies. I got the chance to play for 04 batch in two consecutive years (2006 and 2007).

This time there was not a batch 04 team because all played for their own companies. So I played for WSO2. The unbelievable thing is we got the championship (WSO2 had never been selected even for quarter finals before:)). It was a nice experience to be in a winning team.

team - wso2

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