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1. Prison Break – Liked season 1 a lot and was eagerly waiting for Season 2. Season 2 was no longer a “prison break” itself but liked it. Watched Season 3 withing one day. When it comes to season 4 I was too tired of it by that time (this time I started too early so didn’t get all the episodes at once. Had to wait week by week). Also the story has become kinda elastic and was not much interesting. So I gave up!! and decided to watch season complete series’s only.  – 4 seasons

2. Cosby Show – Well, it is a very old series (comedy n family) I remember some of the scenes from this series I had watched when I was a kid. I liked this series a lot as it was a funny, emotional(sometimes) and realistic family story. It was so interesting to watch how the kids grow up through out the seasons. – 8 seasons

3. Lost – I’d say I got lost in this series. It was that much interesting. The story was well built in a mysterious, thrilling  way which can blow up your curiosity but the bad thing is it didn’t end well. Many of the mysteries didn’t resolve. So I was kinda disappointed at the end.- 6 seasons

4. Small Ville – I loved this series during it’s first few seasons. Adventurous, sci fi  super hero stories with a sense of romance. However it became bit too complicated and elastic in it’s later seasons. Some interesting characters totally disappeared and totally new faces were introduced as some leading characters. Characters and environment became upside down. Anyway it is true that it is difficult to have a smooth flow for 10 seasons. In fact this is a success in that way. – 10 seasons

5. Wonder Years – This is one of the best series’s I have ever watched. It is a family story built around a kid named Kevin. I am sure that anyone from any age would love this. This story will bring you to your childhood, of course if you had a really good one 🙂 The story is so realistic and natural. You’ll realize how much you love your childhood after watching this. Happiness, sorrow, guilt, fun, love, you name it…the story contains all those.  I never got tired watching this. I really like if it ran for another few seasons. This is a bit old series though. I guess it was telecast in 80’s but still it is kind of a legend. – 6 seasons

6. How I Met Your Mother – This series is super fun. I don’t think I should use more words to tell that. I loved each and every character in it. Liked the way that the stories have been built. Basically, it is a nicely done series. The stories are not much attached to each other so someone can even peep in the middle and enjoy few episodes too. I just completed watching season 7 and I guess there is two more season to come. Hmm have to wait another year… – 9 Seasons (Hopefully). P.S Yep, it’s over. I didn’t like the end though .

7. Big Bang Theory – I didn’t start to like it till I watch first few episodes. However it became one of my favorites with time. It may not be suitable to watch with your kids/parents but as far as the audience fits, this is a great series. I started to like even the pretty annoying character, “Sheldon”.  ..7 Seasons (so far)

8. Two and a Half Men – This is also a comedy which is bit similar to above two. It’s a grate series though again, you have to choose the audience. Currently the season 10 is being telecast. Not sure how much to come…11 Seasons (so far)

9. According to Jim – This is a great comedy show which can be considered as a family show. It’s kinda old but I really liked it. The show has kids in it and the show is mainly about their daddy (Jim). It is season complete…8 Seasons.

10. Breaking Bad – This is something different from the other shows I’ve watched so far. It is kinda violent and includes suspense. However I like the story line and the curiosity it makes. It is about a chemistry teacher who starts drug manufacturing, after finding out that he is suffering from a cancer. His original intention was to make some money for his family before he dies but it is not that simple. There is no coming back when you are inside the pit. This is season complete…5 Seasons

11. 24 – I’d describe this as a “happening” series. Rapidly changing frames, unpredictable twists and the story keep you alive from the start to end. Plots are really good for almost all the seasons. One season is a day and one episode is an hour. How much could happen within a day? You’d find everything upside down at the end of the day. The main character is a CTU agent who’s devoted to protect his country. The series runs through 9 days of his life, but feels like a lifetime. 9 Seasons

12. Stranger things – If I say this series is excellent, that also maybe an understatement. I loved it that much. The curiosity and suspense it creates through out the show are simply awesome. I actually felt sad when it ended. The story is created around a kid who was trapped in a parallel dimension. 2 Seasons

13. One tree hill – I started watching this, after hearing that Sri Lankan teledrama “Deweni Inima” was created based on this series. It is a story composed of family life of few high school friends. At the end of the series, few main characters of the show disappear. Other than that, it was a nice series to watch. 9 Seasons


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Trip to Florida

We spent this Christmas vacation(2010) in Florida. It was a six days vacation and the first and last days were totally reserved for driving (Had to drive from Bloomington, IN to Orlando, FL. It is a 17 hrs drive). It was a really nice vacation and we visited Disney World, NASA and Sea World. Detailed posts are in my travel blog and the above links will direct to those posts. However Florida became colder than we expected in last two days of our stay.

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