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Cure for Dengue – Papaya Leaves

Good news on Dengue cure.

This is for Sinhala readers only – Dengue cure.


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I was working on IFRI as a summer employee when I get a permanent position in Kuali Financial Systems(KFS).

IFRI(International Forestry Resources and Institutions) is a research group which focuses on how institutions and governance arrangements shape forest use and management outcomes. I was assigned to solve problems in their huge database and data entry application, by Professor Beth Plale. While working there, I got the rare chance of working with a noble price winner: Elinor Ostrom.

However I was still working on IFRI when I get the full time job. Therefore I couldn’t leave IFRI at once to join with Kuali. Anyhow I was able to negotiate with both parties and to get permission to work half time for both till the summer ends.

Now I am working for Kuali in the morning and for IFRI in the afternoon. It’s a bit different experience but interesting.

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Trip to Tennessee

It was our first trip in US. I thought to start a separate travel blog for US trips rather than including those here. This is the link for Trip to Tennessee.

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